Carlisle Diocese Youth Centre, Keswick


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Visitors must bring their own sleeping bag, pillowcase and towel etc. Groups are responsible for providing all consumable items including toilet rolls and cleaning materials.

Groups should also bring a First Aid kit.

A mini Orienteering course has been set up in the vicinity of the Centre.  Please ask the chaplain if you would like to use it.  It is suitable for all ages and can be used as a daytime or evening activity and could last from half an hour to one and a half hours as appropriate.

Projection equipment, flip-chart easel and tv & video/dvd player are available by arrangement with the Chaplain.

The TV and video can only play pre-recorded tapes/dvds, we have no aerial or TV licence for watching regular broadcasts.


There are payphones at the Centre which take incoming calls.

Telephone (School House)  017687 79665
Telephone (Chapel House) 017687 79564