Carlisle Diocese Youth Centre, Keswick


The Centre is under new management and we are delighted to welcome Lisa Farren as our Warden. She brings a professional and Christian ethos to her role and looks forward to welcoming you to the Centre.

The Warden is ready to help and willing to assist in the planning of your programme.

Parties are particularly invited to join with Parishioners in the worship on Sundays.

The Sunday Service takes place at 11.00am, and the Chaplain is very happy to adapt the service and introduce themes that have been used with the group. We particularly like to involve the group or some of its members in the service.

Groups using the centre may wish to use St. John's-in-the-Vale Church for worship, prayer, silence and meditation, please have a word with the Chaplain.

The Chaplain likes to meet members of any groups interested in worship. Susi is willing to lead discussions or help with the planning of an Act of Worship or other activities. Please contact her in advance at or telephone The Rectory in Threlkeld on 017687 79714

Responsibilities of Leaders

An adequate number of competent Adult leaders must come with each Group to supervise young people whether in the building or in the area surrounding the Centre and to comply with the Children Act 1989 and the government guidelines outlined in 'Safe from Harm' and other relevant legislation.

The Youth Centre upholds the Code of Practice for Work amongst Children and Young People produced by the Carlisle Diocese.

It is a condition of booking that groups EITHER use their own policy OR agree to abide by the centre's policy. Where there are mixed groups using the Centre there must be male and female leaders present. Careful consideration should be given to the ratios of leaders to children and the appropriate arrangements for the sleeping accommodation made.

It is a condition of booking that Third Party insurance cover is obtained to meet any possible liability arising from accidents to members or caused by members of the party, which arises due to the negligence of the Group or organisation. Groups may wish to consider travel/cancellation insurance and personal accident cover for members of their party.  The Youth Centre has its own full Third Party liability insurance. 


Up to two dogs are welcome in each building, as long as they are under supervision at all times - see our Booking Policy for more information.