Carlisle Diocese Youth Centre, Keswick

Child Protection Policy


In all our work with young people the Youth Centre Management Committee, warden and staff, are committed to providing a safe and creative environment for the nurture, care and spiritual growth of children and young people.  Every child or young person who uses the Centre and who comes into contact with a staff member or volunteer ought to feel safe, valued and secure, and the Centre will take all necessary steps to ensure that this is so.

This Centre commits itself to upholding the ‘Code of Practice for the Church’s work with Children and Young People’ produced by the Diocese of Carlisle and subsequent revisions.

The Centre will be maintained in a way that adequately secures their health and safety, and will be properly insured.

Groups using the Centre must have their own Child Protection Policy or agree to abide by the Centre’s own policy.  Copies of this policy are available from the Warden, are posted on the notice board at the Centre and are available for download from the internet website:  The person making the booking must sign the booking form to signify the groups observance of this policy.  No group will be accepted which cannot provide copies of their policy on request or demonstrate that they fulfil the requirements of the Centre's policy.  Any group found to be neglecting their responsibility to the young people in their charge whilst at the centre will be asked to leave immediately.


No staff member or volunteer shall work with children or young people in the Centre unless the Diocesan guidelines for appointment have been satisfied.

The Diocese of Carlisle has produced guidelines for leaders of activities involving children and young people. These guidelines, "Working with Children" are appended to this policy.


This Centre recognises that ‘the welfare of the child’ is the principle obligation under The Children Act 1989. To this end, the Warden, Chaplain, Staff and Management Committee of this Centre will co-operate fully with statutory agencies and the Bishop of Carlisle or his Representatives in cases of alleged abuse. Any report of, or suspicion of, abuse will be treated according to the latest Diocesan guidelines which require the Bishop’s Representatives in child protection matters to be informed. The Bishop’s representative will inform the Bishop and may also contact the statutory authorities, or ask the Centre staff to do so. Keeping information ‘in confidence’ when a child or young person is, or may be, in an abusive, dangerous or frightening situation is unacceptable.

Nothing in the above policy removes the rights of any individual to contact the statutory authorities when they have concerns for the safety or welfare of a child or young person.